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Cryptocurrency is the second most widely.

Cryptocurrency has emerged as a sector that has begun attracting investments from a large group of women from around the world. In a new report, eToro has said that cryptocurrency is the second most widely possessed financial asset for women, right behind cash. In the last two quarters of the year 2022 — between July and December — women’s possession of crypto holdings spiked from 29 per cent to 34 per cent. In the same time frame, the investments in crypto from males rose by just one per cent.

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The Israeli online brokering platform onboarded 10,000 participants from a total of thirteen nations as part of its Retail Investor Beat survey.

“Crypto is succeeding where traditional financial markets have sometimes failed,” CoinTelegraph said, citing eToro’s report.

The risen involvement of women in the crypto sector was recently highlighted and acknowledged by Indian exchanges CoinSwitch Kuber and WazirX as well.

As per CoinSwitch, women users from India accounted for eight per cent of the total transactions it recorded last year.

WazirX, in its findings, claimed that Indian women have been choosing ‘blue chip tokens’ that are perceived to reach higher values in the long run with better liquidity values.

Despite cryptocurrencies not having remained in the best of their health in recent months, the sector did welcome a significant number of entrants.

Last year, on a quarter-on-quarter basis, overall crypto holdings grew from 36 per cent to 39 per cent despite the industry having undergone major turbulence.

Along with women investors, retail investors are also hopping on board the crypto wagon. Crypto holdings by retail investors aged between 35 and 54 also grew by ten per cent last year.

As for eToro, in August it acquired the options trading platform Gatsby in a bid to expand its presence and crypto services in the US. The deal was finalised for $50 million (roughly Rs. 400 crores) in cash and common stock.

Israel’s Headquarter

Headquartered in Israel’s Tel Aviv, eToro started in 2007 as a fintech firm that shifted focus towards the crypto sphere as its business evolved.


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