Here’s What Oppo’s Rollable Smartphone Mean


Rollable smartphones and foldable smartphones are both designed to provide larger displays in a portable form factor. However, they differ in how they expand their screen real estate. 

Foldable smartphones typically have a flexible screen that folds inward, like a book. When unfolded, the screen forms a larger, seamless display. On the other hand, rollable smartphones have a flexible screen that can be unrolled to expand the display size. 

When not in use, the screen can be rolled back into the device, making it more compact and easier to carry. As companies keep experimenting with designs for the same, new products will always be on the horizon. 

Recently, Oppo patented a Rollable device, which also featured an under-display camera. Innovation may spell big things for Oppo in the future. What’s particularly interesting about Oppo’s rollable smartphone design is that the camera is only exposed when the device is expanded 

remaining obscured under normal circumstances. This patent sparked excitement among tech enthusiasts, who are eager to see how the device will perform once it hits the market. Rollable smartphones are a relatively new concept, and only a few models have been released so far, while foldable smartphones have been available since 2019 

Rollable smartphones offer the advantage of a larger screen than foldable smartphones while maintaining a more pocketable form factor. Additionally, rollable displays may be more durable than foldable displays, which are prone to creasing and damage over time. 

Oppo is quickly positioning itself as a major player in the foldable/rollable market. The company has the vision to innovate with its technology, and this is not something new. Oppo was one of the first companies to patent the foldable smartphone design, 

With more companies taking the initiative to experiment with flexible displays, it will be fascinating to see how these new form factors will be received by consumers. While it’s still too early to say whether rollables or foldables will ultimately become the norm