Hogwarts Legacy is completely dominating the Twitch charts with record-breaking numbers. In a tweet,  

The news broke amidst some streamer drama, where individuals completely boycotted the game 

owing to its association with the original author J.K. Rowling 

This milestone perches Hogwarts Legacy as the no. 1 single-player game on Twitch — during the launch period — surpassing the records set by Cyberpunk 2077 and 2022’s Game of the Year winner Elden Ring 

For now, Hogwarts Legacy is playable as part of a 72-hour early access, granted to those who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition. (The global launch is set for later tonight.) 

The aforementioned numbers, alongside it being one of the most wishlisted titles on Steam, go to show how much hype and anticipation Hogwarts Legacy 

generated since its initial gameplay footage leaked in 2018. As per the performance metrics website Gamesight (via Kotaku), 

the multiplayer FPS title Valorant currently stands in the first position with a peak viewership of 1.7 million on Twitch, during its launch period. 

Part of it was fueled by a Riot Games campaign, which granted viewers early access to the game, in exchange for watching participating streamers.